Compatible Toner Cartridge for Laser Printer

The popularity of printers has increased both in the home and the office. If you are using a printer, you must know its operation and the printing equipment associated with it. A toner cartridge is used in laser printers to print text and images on paper.

A single toner cartridge can be used to print thousands of pages. The cartridge comprises a fine powder which is a combination of carbon, plastic elements, and black or other colors which helps in producing the real image on the paper.

Punta Global offers a wide range of compatible laser printer toner cartridgesof different models such as Punta PTC 12A, Punta PTC 283A,Punta PTC 78A, Punta PTC 88A, Punta PTC 925A, etc. These kinds of cartridges are less costly and eco-friendly. Their printingcapacities vary from 1500 pages to 2100 pages.

Features at a Glance:

  • Wide Usability
  • High Compatibility
  • Environment Friendly
  • Less Printing Cost
  • Brilliant Print Quality
  • Value for Money
  • Product reliability
  • Can print upto 2000 Pages


  • High Productivity: Provides clean, retainable prints and yields up to 2,000 pages.
  • Eco-friendly and smudge free output: Delivers dark, blur-free graphics and text while being environmentally friendly.
  • Widely Compatible: Excellent option for your house, workplace, bank, or even hospital.
  • Simple to install and use: Every cartridge is put through a rigorous quality inspection to ensure its dependability and compatibility.


Printing Capacity

  • Punta PTC 12A 2100 Pages
  • Punta PTC88A             1500 Pages
  • Punta PTC 925A             1600 Pages
  • Punta PTC 283A/337A 1500 Pages
  • Punta PTC78A             2000 Pages


Cartridge user manual

  1. Shut down your printer and unlock the lid.
  2. Release the cartridge by pressing the button or pullingthe lever
  3. Take awayold cartridge. Follow printer maintenance instructions.
  4. Open the cartridge box, take outthe plastic safety cover and take the new cartridge.
  5. Putthe cartridge on the closet cover.
  6. Shake the cartridge before you use it.
  7. Take away a protective seal (if available) to open the toner supply channel.
  8. Put the cartridge (into the printer).
  9. Close the lid. Switch on the printer. The printer is ready.
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