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The rapid proliferation of digitization across the globe has brought about a paradigm shift in consumerism. They have become more observant and aware with respect to the products that they choose and use. Punta India Private Limited has understood this trend in the computing, digital, and electronics ecosystem while launching the brand Punta in India in Aug’2014.

From the first launch of IT peripheral products and then to the consumer electronics segment until its latest entry into the mobility market in India; the journey of Punta had been encouraging and exciting. To date, there are over 1.3 million brand holders of Punta and this base continues to grow rapidly.
True to its tagline ‘in style always’; Punta products are stylish, technologically superior, and immaculately designed to satisfy the growing requirement of consumers all round. Today Punta is widely distributed across India through a sound distribution network of distributors and retail partners and is backed up by an effective and growing service network.

Each member of Punta strictly adheres to the organization’s core value principles of Integrity, Respect, and Accountability in front of our consumers and business partners. We believe that these values are critical to the organization’s reaching its mission which is ‘to become the most valued brand to consumers and business partners in the technology and digital space in India’.