Best Bluetooth Speaker with Built in Subwoofer

Going wireless is the trend right now and if you haven’t been doing that with your music too, it is high time you strike it off your bucket list in 2022. To enjoy wireless music efficiently, you will be needing the best Bluetooth speakers in India. To make things easier for you, we have brought to you the best wireless bluetooth speaker under 5000. So, let’s take a quick look!

In recent years, Bluetooth connectivity has proliferated in both our daily lives and the way we consume audio (through speakers and headphones). Punta Symphony A1 is a 40W 2.1 channel speaker with dual drivers that is housed in a small package and provides greater clarity. This will be your partner while you sing loudly and with any distortion of your mood. Punta has earned its reputation on providing clients with some of the most distinctive goods that are also extremely reasonably priced.

Budget Friendly Blueetooth Speaker with Built in Sub Woofer

In order to give Symphony A1 a stylish appearance, its body is covered on four sides by a finely knit fabric, while the top and button are made of ABS plastic. You get excellent response when you press the top-mounted buttons, which are really tactile. Additionally, the Bluetooth speaker has numerous connecting choices, including USB, Wireless Bluetooth, and AUX Out. Additionally, the Symphony A1 has FM Radio capabilities, allowing you to tune in to the nearby available radio frequencies and listen to your favourite tunes.

Features at a Glance:

  • 40W RMS 2.1 Bluetooth Speaker
  • Dual Driver for extra Clarity
  • Loud and Distortion-Free Music
  • Wireless Bluetooth Streaming
  • Bluetooth Function
  • Aux Out
  • USB Compatibility
  • FM Radio Function

Bluetooth Speaker to Match Every Corner of your Home & Workplace

The Punta Symphony A1 can be a wonderful addition to your house, place of business, or new location. You can use it in your living room beside your TV, plug your computers in while working in your study, listen to beautiful melodies while relaxing in your lounge area, and more.

Buying Bluetooth speaker that suits your needs and budget

The Punta Symphony A1 is definitely a must buy as it is robust, feature packed, and has a great design. Place your order today and get it delivered at your place in no time. Shop now and get exciting discounts online. 

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